Dania Henry



As a highly knowledgeable and widely recognized certified esthetician, Dania Henry has offered truly genuine and enlightening guidance to individuals seeking image consulting based on various detailed analysis, from facial features to personality, to embellish natural beauty and boost self-confidence. She has implemented course instruction and educated aspiring students throughout many technical colleges including the Art Institute of Hollywood, American Intercontinental University, and Brooks College for about a decade. Although her commendable achievements and reputable skills are what furthered her to become a leading artist in the beauty industry, most importantly, Dania’s compassion and devotion to help others were and continue to be the main catalysts to her success. The ability to connect with her clientele on both professional and personal levels and her impressively diverse background and knowledge of different cultures and languages are all what makes Dania exceptional at what she does.


Fully committed to instilling the captivating persona within by re-illustrating surface appearances with her love and passion for warmly catering to individuals, Dania recognized that the epitome of truly amazing enhancement in beauty and confidence is dermal health. Most importantly, she discovered that without healthy, scintillating skin, merely fashion and makeup are insufficient to creating the amazing renewal that individuals pursue. Dania now strives to uniquely create the perfect symmetry between flattering fashion and makeup coordination that reflect personal features and preferences and therapeutic, remedial relief and restoration of the skin to brighten and complement individuals. Undoubtedly driven to perfection, this beauty affinity found by Dania is the ultimate formula in producing a beautifully elegant image.

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